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These photos were taken in July 2019 in Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

RED Gardens Project, (Research Education and Development) consists of 6 family scale gardens each one 100m2 (1000sqf) and following a different methodology, or approach to growing vegetables. There is also a larger Black Plot, of about 1000m2 (1/4 acre) which is exploring issues and possibilities of an intermediate scale growing space.

Bruce Darrell manages all of the gardens and related research projects, as well as scripting, filming, illustrating, and editing the videos on this youtube channel:

Homemade blackcurrant jam

Blackcurrants (Ribes nigrum) can be harvested from late June to early July
Simmer 300g of blackcurrants with 250ml of water for about 20 minutes.
Add 300g of sugar and the juice of one lemon. Heat vigorously until temperature reaches 105ºC.
Pour the jam into warm sterilised jars close the lid and allow to cool. Tastes excellent on hot buttered toast with a nice cup of tea.

Crataegus pinnatifida

Commonly known as Snow Hawthorn  these red fruits which grow up to about 35 mm in diameter are now in season.

The ones in this picture, taken yesterday, are from Xiong Xian County in Hebei Province, near the city of Baotou.

Chinese Hawthorn, click for larger image
山楂 (mountain hawthorn) or 大红果 (big, red fruit)

They are used to make a number of deserts and snacks. In Northern China they are often sold dipped in a sugar candy coating on a wooden skewer  much like toffee apples are  in Europe and are called 糖葫芦 (tanghulu).

They have been associated with various medicinal properties especially as a digestive aid.

Today, I has mostly been eating…

煎饼果子 (jian1 bing3 guo3zi)

With quite a long history, “jian bing guo zi” is something quite unique to Tianjin. It is a kind of Chinese pancake that is usually sold as a fast breakfast food on the streets. “Guo zi” refers to the deep-fried dough sticks made in some places in northern China. Prepared on stalls on the street it comes with a variety of garnishes and relishes – very tasty.

They cost 4RMB.

for the longer HD youtube version click here:

How to drink vodka…

“Russian starters, or zakusky, include pickled and fresh vegetables, baked potatoes, bread, cheese, salted fish and other readily available snacks suitable to accompany the shots of vodka.”

Russian Vodka With Onion, Garlic, Bread and Pickled Cucumbers


Russian Vodka With Bread, Herring, Baked Potatoes, Onions and Pickled Cucumbers