A Dozen New Planets Discovered


Summary – (Feb 18, 2005) In the last month planet hunters have uncovered 12 new worlds orbiting other stars, bringing the total planet count to 145. Two European planet hunting teams have discovered 6 gas giants as part of the High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Search (HARPS), and an American team uncovered 5 more using the W.M. Keck observatory in Hawaii. And a single, Pluto-sized planet was discovered orbiting a pulsar by Penn State’s Alex Wolszczan and Caltech’s Maciej Konacki.

Haven’t been able to post recently because my house was burgled and the buggers stole all my computers (x2 laptops and my beloved Mac). So I’ve had to set up a new (temporary) system. Hopefully, things will return to normal soon as I backed up my bookmarks and most of my work related files were either on a spare machine at work or existed in hard copy.
The three rules of computing are:
1) Back up your files.
2) Always backup your files.
3) Never forget to backup your files.

Good advice, but I wish I had been more diligent.

Burglars? String ’em up, it’s the only kind of language they understand!

Real Irish Republican Army (RIRA); True IRA


From the web site: “Suspected of receiving funds from sympathizers in the United States and of attempting to buy weapons from US gun dealers. RIRA also is reported to have purchased sophisticated weapons from the Balkans. In May 2002, three Irish nationals associated with RIRA pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to cause an explosion and trying to obtain weapons following their extradition from Slovenia to the United Kingdom.”


From the page: “Finally, there are places in the world, not very far from you, that are very friendly with you, that have accepted terrorism as the norm for 30 or 40 years. And yet, I have been to bars in Boston where I have seen collections for more aid with “Would you like to put a dollar in here to kill a British soldier?” And as far as I can see, the response of your organization has been to accept that. Even as powerful as you are, you are going to need friends in the future. You’ve needed friends in the past. And the best friends that you have, in this country, are the United Kingdom. I’d just ask you to remember that.”
Whenever I hear Americans go on about the ‘War on terror’ I remember this and I remember the thousands who died at the hands of the IRA.

Welcome to the Home Office


The Home Office, twinned with Mordor.
Tony Blair continues to eat away at the rights of free born Englishmen. From today I have to apply to the Secretary of State for permission to marry a foreigner, this came as a shock as my fiance and I presented our documents at the registry office today.

Now I can see why the thirteen colonies rebelled against good king George all those years ago.