Over his life, the Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher created over a hundred ingenious tesselations in the plane. Some were simple and geometric, used as prototypes for more complex endeavors. But in most the tiles were recognizable animal forms such as birds, fish and reptiles.

Escher was able to discover such tilings through a combination of natural ability and sheer determination.

The author of this site has developed a complex algorithm that can produce reasonable solutions to the Escherization problem.

There some very good examples which I can’t show you because they are all either exceed the maximum file size or image size for stumbleupon apart from this one which is probably the poorest example on the site:

The man responsible for all this is:

Craig S. Kaplan
Assistant Professor,
Computer Graphics Lab,
School of Computer Science,
University of Waterloo,

He even looks clever doesn’t he?
And just to prove how clever he is he even lets you play at making your own compositions using a java applet here:

and it’s a lot of fun, enjoy!


From the site:

What, dear friends, has become of our culture?
Was not this once a country where jazz beatniks rubbed shoulders with aged philosophers in smoky cafeterias?
Did not dapper men in horn-rimmed spectacles once explain the mysteries of the world to us via our crackling wireless sets?
Were not public libraries the places where all human knowledge was to be found, at the fingertips of avuncular librarians swaddled in tweed? Where has all this gone?
Replaced, we are told, by the “information superhighway”.
What sort of “information” is conveyed by religious zealots, unclothed harlots and medical charlatans?

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Prime Ministers Questions July 13th 2005

Michael Howard: “I am sure that I speak for the whole House when I join the Prime Minister in expressing our sympathy to those who have suffered such terrible losses, and in the congratulations that he has offered to the police and the security services on the outstanding work that they have carried out following last week’s tragic events.

What we now know is appalling to contemplate. It will take us a long time to come to terms with the fact that these atrocities appear to have been committed by those who were born and brought up in our midst. Does the Prime Minister agree that those responsible for last week’s carnage were not acting in the name of Islam but were perverting its teachings? Will he join me and the hon. Member for Leicester, East (Keith Vaz) in condemning the attacks that have taken place on mosques?

Is it not the case that anyone who reaches for a stone to throw at the window of a mosque and anyone who nurtures resentment against our Muslim community is the enemy of us all, because they would be acting in the way the terrorists want us to act, thus helping them to achieve their objective of dividing us one from another? “

Killer in the classroom – (British authorities; one bomber was a &mentor& in Leeds school!)

`it gets a little closer every day.

Suicide bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, working as a teaching mentor in a classroom at a school in the Beeston area of Leeds.

The last couple of weeks have been mindnumbing.

The hope of Live8, the sucess of London 2012, the horror of the London Bombings and then the unsettling relevations that there were Al Qaeda operatives amongst us.

We aren’t talking 6 degrees of separation, and by that I mean I was in the same room as Mohammad Sidique Khan a year or so ago. At the time I didn’t converse with him just said ‘Hello’.

Some of my friends and colleagues actually worked with them. I have great difficulty in coming to terms with the fact that this man was working in a caring profession – working with Special Needs Children.

This man:

Magdy el-Nashar is a suspect and is currently in gaol in Cairo until just before the bombings he was resident in Leeds. I know he is a very devout muslim and tried to convert most people he met. He certainly knew at least one of the bombers and holding a doctorate in biochemistry had the knowledge and skills to make the explosive triacetone triperoxide that was used. Large amounts of bomb making equipment was found in a flat he rented, and he left the UK three days before the attacks took place.

Is he one of them?

He worked with people very close to me.

He will be investigated and I trust the West Yorkshire Police to be fair.

Any of these bastards that are given a fair trial and found guilty will to my mind suffer a fate worse than death. They will languish in one of Her Majesties prisons for a very long time locked up with hundreds of violent British criminals who will spend many long hours devising ingenious ways to torment them when the ‘screws’ aren’t looking.

I’m not usually given to such dark thoughts as these but I’m glad that despite recent events I do not want to see the return of capital punishment and judicial murder.

Al Qaeda on my doorstep, well almost

Earlier today one of my students told me that his street had been cordoned off and that an arrest connected to the London bombings had been made.

Since I’ve been teaching here for many years and we now know that the bombers were from Leeds there’s an outside chance that I may have taught one of the bombers in the past – makes you think doesn’t it?

This week I is mostly listening to….

Robbie Williams


My breath smells of a thousand fags
And when I’m drunk I dance like me dad
I’ve started to dress a bit like him
Early morning when I wake up
I look like Kiss but without the make up
And thats a good line to take it to The bridge

And you know and you know
‘Cos my life’s a mess
And I’m trying to grow so before
I’m old I’ll confess
You think that I’m strong you’re wrong
You’re wrong
I’ll sing my song, my song, my song

My bed’s full of takeaways and fantasies of easy lays
The pause button’s broke on my video
And is this real ‘cos I feel fake, Oprah Winfrey, Ricky Lake
Teach me things I don’t need to know

And you know and you know
‘Cos my life’s a mess
And it starting to show so before
I’m old I’ll confess
You think that I’m strong you’re wrong
You’re wrong
I’ll sing my song my song my song

If I did it all again I’d be a nun
The rain was never cold when I was young
I’m still young we’re still young (step inside the sun)
Life’s too short to be afraid
Step inside the sun

And you know and you know
‘Cos my life’s a mess
And I’m trying to grow
hey hey !

You think that I’m strong you’re wrong
You’re wrong
I’ll sing my song my song my song

Life’s too short to be afraid
So take a pill to numb the pain
You don’t have to take the blame

_____londonhurts’ Journal

You do your worst – and we will do our best.

I lived in London for four years during the height of the IRA bombing campaign and I once found a suspect device on a tube train and had to pull the Emergency lever to halt the train so I know how Londoners feel at the moment.

As Churchill said

“…We ask no favours of the enemy. We seek from them no compunction.
On the contrary, if tonight our people were asked to cast their vote whether a convention should be entered into to stop the bombing of cities, the overwhelming majority would cry,

“No, we will mete out to them the measure, and more than the measure, that they have meted out to us.”

The people with one voice would say:

“You have committed every crime under the sun.
Where you have been the least resisted there you have been the most brutal.
It was you who began the indiscriminate bombing.
We will have no truce or parley with you, or the grisly gang who work your wicked will.

You do your worst – and we will do our best.

Perhaps it may be our turn soon; perhaps it may be our turn now…”

BBC – Cult Television – Cult closes 15 July

The BBC has decided – as part of its “restructuring of the BBC’s online activities” – to pull the plug on its hugely popular Cult website.

Those not familiar with Cult should mosey on down and have shufti.Readers who already enjoy its eclectic mix should read the following with horror:

This site shuts next month. Bye, then!

Sadly, as part of the restructuring of the BBC’s online activities, this site is closing at the end of the month.

We’re trying to find alternative homes for some sites, but much of the content will be removed from the servers, and that which remains will not be maintained.

We’d like to thank all our users (700,000 of you last month!), and to everyone who expressed an opinion of us in the BBC’s Online Audience survey (we nearly came top – beaten only by those pesky News people).

The team have had a wonderful six years looking after the site, and hope you continue to enjoy the BBC’s online offerings.

PS: Don’t worry about the Doctor Who site. It’s safe.

That’s right – 700,000 people a month, so obviously it has to go. What’s more, much of the material faces deletion. Marvellous. As one irate punter puts it: “Who’s the bozo who made this decision?”