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From the web site: “Those of us who like a few pints already know that beer fights cancer and is an absolute life-saver in an avalanche emergency situation, but what about the apparently proven effect of ale on the old waistline, eh?

What actually causes the beer belly is the overwhelming desire to partake of an enormous kebab or plate of curry after a particularly robust session, the BBPA says. This is true, although the BBPA is not taking in account something else all beer-drinkers know: that doner kebabs combat male pattern baldness and curry increases attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Which is why people who prefer wine are invariably bald and single – despite having a waistline like Calista Flockhart.”

From the page: “Al-Qaeda flees uk
Triumph of anti-terror legislation
by How Tenji

Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir John Stevens, says that recent legislation has made the UK completely unsuitable as a base for international terrorism. The Government hailed this as evidence that their tough stance, in the face of considerable opposition from human rights groups, was justified.”

A tape recording, believed to originate from sources close to Osama bin Laden, stated that: “Perfidious Albion has done it again. We were completely outflanked by you inscrutable poker-faced bastards. You put up a smoke-screen of house arrest and detention without trial but you knew that would only make us feel that Britain was a home-from-home.”

Al-Qaeda (UK) Ltd is believed to be relocating its head-office to Naples. Mafia bosses were quick to condemn the move as breaching EU regulations guaranteeing traditional industries protection in their region of origin. Italian Government sources indicate al-Qaeda should not expect the Carabinieri to intervene if the Mafia decide to use traditional methods to control competition.

‘Red Carpet of Death’ scuppers Gates’ knighthood

Palace courtiers battled with software for more than two hours during the ceremony, with the waiting audience of be-hatted sycophants growing increasingly restless, as Her Majesty repeatedly failed to knight Mr Gates. After two false starts, the Keeper of the Royal Disks (more affectionately, if warily, known as Hard Rod) was forced to reinitialise the Monarch’s ageing boot drive, reinstall Microdaft Monarchy

From the page: “In my judgement, said Tony Blair at Prime Minister’s questions last week, considerations of national security have to come before civil liberties, no matter how important those civil liberties are.”
It’s official: protection of the state is now more important than the freedom of the individual.”

ID Aromatics

Id Aromatics is somewhat of an Institution in Leeds as it has been going for over twenty years, long before aromatherapy became popular. You can smell Id Aromatics from nearly 50 meters away and the pleasant odours eminating from within intrigued me so I followed my nose and went in. The inside of the shop is a hive of activity and I’ve always found the staff to be helpful. There is a minimum order of