Polish lawmakers don Guy Fawkes masks to protest ACTA

Dear Sir,*
I for one am disgusted .
How dare these elected officials stand-up for democracy and due process. It is repugnant and perverse in the extreme.
The unelected cabals met, the money was paid, the deal was done. It is high time that these SERVANTS learned their place and do as they are told.
Free speech?  Europe’s economy is in the toilet and this shower stand-up for free speech? Where is the profit in that? No profit, no taxes. Work it out, retards!
It makes my skin crawl to think of these be-suited thieves standing up for the people’s right to make duplicates of what they have bought. If people don’t buy the same thing four times, where is the profit?
ACTA is a just and righteous law that will enshrine and protect the profits of hard-working and innovative executives. Without whose companies you will have nothing. Learn on which side your bread is buttered.
Copying is theft. Moving that file onto your HDD is theft. Nothing less. You should be in jail. Each copy of a file costs a starving artist their next meal, you heartless bastard. I hope you can sleep at night with the suffering you cause.
ACTA for profit!
ACTA for jobs!
ACTA for life!


Tunbridge Wells

* This message brought to you by  Illuminati Industries Inc.