Westboro Baptist Church taunts Anonymous • The Register


attention-whoring idiots

Westboro Baptist Church taunts Anonymous over supposed attack plan • The Register

“This was clealry a setup up, some troll, trolling trolls to troll trolls.”

From the article:

In an emergency press release, Anonymous warned that the supposed call to arms was a trap set up by “attention-whoring idiots”. It said that as much as some members loathe WBC, Anonymous remains committed to freedom of speech. Rather than launching a denial of service attacks, Anons might want to send WBC a few male prostitutes or pictures of Goatse, the release (written by 20 members of Anonymous) concludes.

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“The aim of playing cricket is to teach people how to respect themselves and respect authority so they stop killing each other”
— Team Founder, Compton Cricket Club, Ted Hayes

As Ambassadors of Good Will, Civility and Peace, The Mission of the Homies & POPz is to:

1. Curb the negative effects of gang activities amongst the youth of Compton, the USA and throughout the world and…

2. Address homelessness and poverty through the principles and ethics of Cricket

3. Encourage and promote civility, good and productive citizenship

4. Bring Cricket to America, through its inner cities, harnessing the raw talent waiting to be future US cricketers.