From the page:
“Teenager Chased Beaten And Stabbed To Death”
“Rejected Clubber Stabs Two Bouncers”
“Grenade Attack Kills Seven”
“Cop Gets Viciously Beaten By a Suspect”

Sicko voyeurism including snuff movies.

That’s what you get in the name of entertainment.

This site isn’t showing ‘the greatest Beer Ad ever as it’s first video anymore…move on

Mickey Mouse must die, says Saudi Arabian cleric – Telegraph

Mickey Mouse is “one of Satan’s soldiers” according to a Saudi Arabian Cleric.

Last month Mr Munajid also condemned the Beijing Olympics as the “bikini Olympics”, claiming that nothing made Satan happier than seeing females athletes dressed in skimpy outfits.


Uncle Nolly’s Astro-Sensitive Feng Shui Guide part 78:


Feel that positive energy flow from morning to night


Pull all your kitchen units at least 7 inches away from the wall, standing them one on top of another if necessary.

Feel that positive energy flow from morning to night.