The Java ME Blog: 10 things your IT guy wants you to know

For my colleagues at work…

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10. And finally, yes, I can read your email, I can see what web pages you look at while you are at work, yes, I can access every file on your work computer, and I can tell if you are chatting with people on an instant messenger or chat room (and can also read what you are typing).

But no, I don’t do it.
It’s unethical, I’m busy, and in all reality you aren’t all that interesting.

So unless I am instructed to specifically monitor or investigate your actions, I don’t.”

Brookes Mill – Office Park

Brooke's Mill

Brooke’s Mill, in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, has been the home of wool cloth manufacturing for over two hundred years.

Founded in 1541 by the Brooke family, the trading company of John Brooke and Sons Ltd is believed to be the oldest surviving family business in the UK.

In 1987 the competition from low cost countries brought the inevitable demise of manufacturing on the site.

“It is the home to a community of new and growing businesses run by hard working and enterprising Yorkshire people.”

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Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

“Say to yourself in the early morning:
I shall meet today inquisitive, ungrateful, violent, treacherous, envious, uncharitable men.
All these things have come upon them through ignorance of real good and ill.”