best of craigslist: Star Wars Guide to the Candidates

Obi-ron Paul-obi

“Widely respected for his stubborn belief that the whole universe should be run just like his neighborhood on the backwater planet Tatooine, Obi-ron spends a lot of time wistfully remembering the Old Republic.

He practices a peculiar interpretation of The Force, in which reducing government to only local control and returning to the gold standard is the answer.

While his anti-Empire foreign policy excites the Rebel Alliance, it’s pretty much a Jedi mind trick. He’s still a crazy old guy living in the desert.”

This guide to the presidential election makes as much sense as any of the others I have seen.

BBC – Bill Gates – You Asked The Questions

Bill Gates – You Asked The Questions

“…we tried a new tactic – getting BBC viewers, listeners and readers to ask the questions. We had thousands, covering every aspect of Bill Gates and Microsoft – past, present and future.

…one gentleman was proposing himself as the next CEO of Microsoft, and another wondered whether the secrets of Windows software had been recovered from a crashed UFO.”

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6. “Microsoft’s technology might have originated with a crashed UFO; it certainly didn’t come from a functioning one.”