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To be honest I am heartily sick of seeing these insulting ‘flags’ popping up when I click the stumble button.

The Chinese flag was particularly annoying because it is factually wrong see:

…so I decided to correct it.

Anybody else want to ‘correct’ one of the others?

Man Through History at Kontraband

Sorry link no longer works…

Pictorial record of history seen with a jaundiced eye.

Update: Contraband seems to have vanished sometime in 2020 and the wayback machine doesn’t have the original picture that I was referencing. Also it’s from2007 which is a long time ago – not all links and content can be restored

Uncyclopedia – Mae Zedong

“We should rid our ranks of all impotent thinking.”

‘Mae Zedong (December 26, 1893 — November 22, 1980)

…was an actress, writer and communist revolutionary famous for her daring double entendres and her belief that proletarian revolution could come from the peasant classes.

After winning control of mainland China in 1949, Zedong modernized the country through a series of risque comedies and films, filled with quips, one-liners and denunciation of “reactionary” elements.

These were later collected into the “Little Black Book,” which became a standard text for revolutionaries into the 1960s.’





SLHamlets favorite websites – StumbleUpon

Please give a warm StumbleUpon welcome to James “SLHamlet” an embedded journalist for the online world Second Life.

James’ blog New World Notes is one of the oldest and most highly respected news sources for Second Life and is well worth a visit.

Oh yes, and his book “The Making of Second Life: Notes from the New World” will be released on Feb 28th, 2008.

Space Frontier

The Space Frontier Rocket Garden by Jimbo Perhaps

The Rocket Garden is adajacent to the Space Frontier Sandbox provided courtesy of the Space Frontier Foundation,