The Independent State of Caledon

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Caledon is a small, windswept forested country at a temperate latitude. Wild creatures, country estate life, sights and sounds that were common well over 100 years ago are the hallmark of the land.

Technology is approximately that of the 19th Century, though some astonishing breakthroughs have provided for incredible wonders. Ground vehicles, airships, and even a device known as a ‘telehub’ are made possible through the power of exotic material properties and the wonders of Steam Technology.

The government is an expansionist monarchy, supported by a strong aristocracy.


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Industrial Hartlepool at night, the visual inspiration for Ridley Scott’s dystopian epic Bladerunner.

“I don’t think all directors do, but I certainly draw from personal experience
— sometimes I remember things, sometimes it will come out from the back of my head and I’m thinking, I never knew where that came from. And then I can analyze afterwards and realize that’s what it was.

Funny enough, the beauty in industry, which is probably killing us, but actually nevertheless is beautifully like Hades, is one reason why you start to feel the beauty in the godawful condition of the red horizon and the geysers of filth going into the air.

I used to go to art school in West Hartlepool College up in the north of England, which is almost right alongside the Durham steel mills and Imperial Chemical Industries, and the air would smell like toast. Toast is quite nice, but when you realize it’s steel, and it’s probably particles, it’s not very good. But I’m still here. So, you draw back on that.

And to walk across that footbridge at night, you’d be walking fundamentally above, on an elevated walk on the steel mill. So you’d be crossing through, sometimes, the smoke and dirt and crap, and you’re looking down into the fire.

So, things like that are remembered.”

“Ceiling shadows shimmy by…

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And when the wardrobe towers like a beast of prey,
There’s sadness in your beautiful eyes,
Oh, your untouched, unsoiled, wonderous eyes,
My life down I shall lie.”

The History of Sanitary Sewers

A memento of my visit to Rome with the RV Effluent Study Group as reported by Captain Cloggy:

From Wikipedia:

“Cloacina the goddess who presided over the Cloaca Maxima, the system of sewers in Rome was worshipped as an aspect of Venus at the small Shrine of Venus Cloacina, situated before the Basilica Aemilia on the Roman Forum and directly above the Cloaca Maxima.

Some Roman coins had images of Cloacina or her shrine on them.

Cloacina was worshipped with rhymed prayer.”

Free copy of the RV Herald Tribune to any one who can compose a modern rhymed prayer to Cloacina.