Shanghai Triad

Shanghai, 1930. Mr. TANG (Li Boatian), the godfather chief of the Tang family-run underground Green dynasty, is the city’s overlord. Having allied himself with Chiang Kai-shek and participated in the 1927 massacre of the Communists, he controls the opium and prostitution trade. He has also acquired the services of XIAO JINBAO (Gong Li), the most beautiful prostitute-singer in Shanghai.

A mobster movie that focuses on the evil of criminals, instead of their coolness.

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Sympathy, love and care (1952):

A baby gets a most precious sense of security when cradled in his mother’s arms.

Encouraging children to love animals and sympathize with others helps to develop healthy emotions.”

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`York in Daffodil Time’, BR poster, 1950.

Poster produced for British Railways (BR) to promote rail travel to York. The poster shows a picturesque view of York with a slope full of daffodils in the foreground and the minster in the distance.