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“Pan Yuliang, renowned for her own model, self-portraits and bathing women, who was condemned as “depraved” in the 1930-40 by conservative officals and art critics in China, now gains her reputation — a female pioneer painter of western painting.

Pan, originally named Zhang Yuliang, of Jiangsu Province origin, was born in Anhui Province in 1895.

Her parents both died when she was a child. When she was 14, her uncle sold her to a brothel. In 1916, a local customs officer, named Pan Zanhua, bought her out of the brothel.

Thus, she went with Pan to Shanghai to study, renaming herself as Pan Yuliang. In 1918, she passed the exams and entered Shanghai Art School to learn western painting from Wang Jiyuan.

After graduating from Shanghai Art School she went to France to study in Lyons and Paris, sponsored by Pan Zanhua. She was awarded the Roman scholarship due to her excellent achievement in 1925, which enabled her to take further study in the Roman Royal Art Academy in Italy, studying painting and sculpture.”

Pan Yuliang’s life story was dramatised in the film “A Soul Haunted by Painting” starring the delectable Gong Li.

“I might have preferred iron but bronze will do,” Thatcher said

Back in 1987 I was in the ‘Strangers Gallery’ of the House of Commons during Prime Ministers Questions and watched in awe as Maggie gave a barnstorming performance and wiped the floor with the hapless leader of the opposition, Neil Kinnock.

Whatever your opinions about Mrs Thatcher, and you either love her or loathe her, she was a great performer and a great parliamentarian.

Uncle Nolli’s Astro-Tarot-Feng Shui Horoscopes

This week:

AQUARIUS 22 January-19 February

Another Aquarian phase almost over for the year.

And what a spectacular one it was, even allowing for the exploding boiler and that accident involving a pet and a crochet hook.

But time moves on, and so must you.

Lucky Detergent: Shake ‘n’ Vac

Uncle Nolli’s Horoscopes now even more accurate due to extra “Hello Kitty” content, hmmm, nice.

“The development of a child’s emotional health depends upon parental love:
Children should neither be spoilt nor deprived of love.

Those who lack parental love will grow up to be short-tempered.

Corporal punishment and scolding are not the right way to teach children.

Just as flowers and grass need rain and sunlight, children need an appropriate degree of love and care for healthy bodies and minds.”