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Ian Bremmer’s J-Curve has got the chattering classes all excited.

From the page:

The “J curve” is an explanation for the way the world works that is so simple that you can draw it on the back of a paper napkin.

How does the curve work?

The J is suspended between a vertical axis, “stability”, and a horizontal axis, “openness” (to both political and economic reforms).

At the top left of the graph are totalitarian dictatorships.
North Korea is the classic example.
At the top right are Western democracies, such as the United States and Britain.

“Think about the presidential election here in 2000,” says Bremmer. “The other guy got more votes, the result was decided by a controversial Supreme Court vote, and what happened? Nothing.

That’s stability.”

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“Dave was from out of town
Manchester’s likely too
Had read De Sade to Marx
More read than me and you
Scaffolding pays good bread
It pays for drugs and kicks
Dave only had one love
Had no real need for chicks
Dave was so far ahead
But now he’s dead

I’m not going to cry
I bet he hit that water high

I guess he lost control
And welcomed in the night
It was too much for him
What were his thoughts that night?
The River Thames is cold
It keeps on flowing on
But it left Dave alone
It just kept flowing on

There’s city sickness here
But now he’s dead

Late night a street in the west of the city
There was a place there where he lost himself
Strange feelings did he feel there
Strange people did he meet there
Angry sounds did he hear there
Like the howling of bulls.”

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BBC NEWS | UK | England | Cornwall | Reopening of tin mine is approved

From the page: “Cornwall’s planners have given the go-ahead to a company which wants to re-start tin mining in the county.”

There has been tin mining in Cornwall for over 4,000 years. Fittingly, the last mine to close (South Crofty) is now scheduled to re-open and can be seen above.

Go to:
to read about the mine, it’s Geology and to view pictures of South Crofty as a working colliery.


A rare image indeed. Leon Trotsky appearing in a Soviet picture. He was never formally rehabilitated by the Soviet government, despite the Glasnost-era rehabilitation of most other Old Bolsheviks killed during the Great Purges of Joseph Stalin.

This stamp, from 1987, depicts Trotsky, Lenin, and Dzershinski pouring over a map of Moscow in the painting, “On the Eve of the Storm,” by V. V. Pimenov.

Uncle Nolli’s Astro-Tarot-Feng Shui Horoscopes

This week:

Leo: 23 July-23 August:

A good week for going with the flow and taking up ice hockey.
Tuesday could present a surprise in the shape of a giant snail.
Wednesday is a good day for laundry and cycling, but be sure to wear an orange canvas hat on Friday.

Lucky condiment: HP Sauce

The art of propaganda goes on sale – Telegraph

“The largest privately owned archive of Chinese propaganda posters, providing an illustrated history of the country from the 1930s to post Tiananmen Square, is to be sold at auction later this month.

The collection, of 2,600 posters, was amassed by several generations of a single Chinese family. Some are expected to fetch up to

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Here’s forty shillings on the drum
For those who’ll volunteer to come
To ‘list and fight the foe today.
Over the hills and far away.

O’er the hills and o’er the main.
Through Flanders, Portugal and Spain.
King George commands and we obey.
Over the hills and far away.

When duty calls me I must go
To stand and face another foe.
But part of me will always stray
Over the hills and far away.

If I should fall to rise no more,
As many comrades did before,
Then ask the fifes and drums to play.
Over the hills and far away.

Then fall in lads behind the drum,
With colours blazing like the sun.
Along the road to come-what may.
Over the hills and far away.

O’er the hills and o’er the main.
Through Flanders, Portugal and Spain.
King George commands and we obey.
Over the hills and far away.