Blackadder – Wikiquote

From the page: “

“I’m as happy as a Frenchman who’s invented a pair of self-removing trousers.”


Baldrick: I have a plan, sir.
Blackadder: Really, Baldrick, a cunning and subtle one?
Baldrick: Yes, sir.
Blackadder: As cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed
Professor of Cunning at Oxford University?”

The one they missed…

“Baldrick, you wouldn’t know a cunning plan if it stripped naked, painted itself purple and danced on top of a harpsichord singing ‘Cunning plans are here again’…”

Jimi Hendrix (27 November 1942 – 18 September , 1970)
I remember exactly what I was doing the moment I heard Hendrix had died 35 years ago.

Sixteen years later I was looking at this:

Annapurna (fishtail) Mountain, Nepal.

Which I believe inspired him to write:

“Well, I stand up next to a mountain
And I chop it down with the edge of my hand
Well, I stand up next to a mountain
Chop it down with the edge of my hand
Well, I pick up all the pieces and make an island
Might even raise just a little sand
‘Cause I’m a voodoo child
Lord knows, I’m a voodoo child.”

From Watford Gap to Camelot

From the site: “This is a mythical journey along a real but relatively ordinary road. Or maybe it is a real journey along a mythical road – I’m never quite sure.

It is a quest of sorts, ranging across history, mystery, the bizarre and the banal, starting in the middle of nowhere, and ending somewhere that probably doesn’t exist. In between – the ordinary and the extraordinary, which often turn out to be the same thing.”

No hotlinking

Don’t you just hate it when this happens….

No hotlinking -it’s not good

Update 2022: Back in 2005 I didn’t realise that hot linking is bad, probably because I didn’t host a website myself. My web hosting company blocks hot linking to image files as standard.

Hotlinking: What Is It and Why Is It Bad?

Master-Li – StumbleUpon

I like Master-Li because he is local and he knows what happened to all those missing neutrinos.

Update2022: I really liked Master-Li and his sense of humour. I think he transferred to tumblr but I lost track of hime a long time ago. Here’s an archived screen grab of his stumble site:


Another flashtastic site

Update 2022: The original link was to a flash game where you could make music but I can’t track down a copy on the web, which is a shame as it was fun.

So the nearest I can do is provide a link to the rootkush syndicate’s site on soundcloud.

Rootkush syndicate – drum ‘n’ bass

Savour the moment



Go England! Spectators grab any vantage point possible, England v Australia, The Oval, September 12, 2005

Savour the moment. This has been the best test match series that I have ever seen. The tension, the anxiety have been intense, but to have beaten the best makes it all worthwhile.

The Australians have been magnificent adversaries, tenacious and determined they fought well and were magnanimous in defeat. I watched the third test in Amsterdam with a group of Aussies and there was no animosity just a shared passion for the game of cricket and what it stands for.

Jailbreak – Thin Lizzy Lyrics

Jailbreak – Thin Lizzy Lyrics

Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak
Somewhere in this town
See me and the boys we don’t like it
So were getting up and going down

Hiding low looking right to left
If you see us coming I think it’s best
To move away do you hear what I say
From under my breath

Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak
Somewhere in the town
Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak
So don’t you be around

Don’t you be around

Tonight there’s gonna be trouble
Some of us won’t survive
See the boys and me mean business
Bustin’ out dead or alive

I can hear the hound dogs on my trail
All hell breaks loose, alarm and sirens wail
Like the game if you lose
Go to jail

Tonight there’s gonna trouble
I’m gonna find myself in
Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak
So woman stay with a friend

You know it’s safer


Tonight there’s gonna be a breakout
Into the city zones
Don’t you dare to try and stop us
No one could for long

Searchlight on my trail
Tonight’s the night all systems fail
Hey you good lookin’ female
Come here!

Gears Of War Concept Images

even by 2022 standards these images are still good

Title: Gears Of War Concept Images
Name: John Wallin Liberto
Country: Sweden
Software: Photoshop

Stunning digital artwork, this game is going to be very impressive. Let’s hope it has good gameplay too.

Update 2022: Gears has spawned a whole sub-culture and is very influential, glad I spotted it early.

China wants democracy | The Sun |News,,2-2005410270,00.html

From the page:

“TONY Blair’s mission to Asia was boosted last night when China’s premier Wen Jiabao vowed his country WILL become a democracy.

Mr Blair was visibly shocked when Wen publicly promised the world’s largest country is heading for a peaceful revolution.

The Chinese PM said free votes for all in the communist superpower are on their way.

British diplomats believe his comments are a ‘significant’ step forward.”

I traced the article back to Reuters.

We live in interesting times.

“whether soar-away Sun or BBC1, disinformation is a weapon of mass destruction”

Anti-China ranting site (is no more)

Appealing to to the lowest common denominator. What about Russian and French nuclear weapons? Are you going to stop buying their goods too?

– Luckily this “hate site” is no longer working (Oct 2006)

Update 2022: Interesting to note how perceptions of China have changed since 2005. Back then China was very much in its ‘bide your time, hide your strength’ phase. Nowadays however, with the c current core-leadership this is no longer true and the wolf warriors are more to the fore.

To be honest it is very difficult to find information that is balanced on this matter. Rana Mitter writes some good stuff that makes sense though. I’d recommend you start with him.

For nice pics of China and other stuff check out the China category.

Pandorabots – chat bots

“Pandorabots is an experimental software robot hosting service based… “

I love the concept and admire the hard work, but these bots have a long way to go before they can pass the Turing test.

The news section is regularly updated (monthly), with news about commercial chatbots for major players such as AOL as well as providing tools for the open source community

Update 2022: well the chatbots have evolved and nice to see that the company is still operational. They have added voice recognition which is a nice touch but I’m still waiting for one to pass that elusive Turing Test. Perhaps if they name one Wintermute?

Check out their latest offering here:

Identity Theft May Increase With New Technology

Identity cards may actually increase identity theft despite ‘new technology’

From the page:
“In a damning blow to the UK government’s love affair with identity cards, a British criminologist has warned that the new technology could actually increase, rather than solve, the problem of identity theft and fraud.”

Update 2022: Unlike ID cards Identity theft didn’t disappear but got worse


Update 2022: No idea what the original picture here was, probably amusing, but the trouble with hot-linking is that these links die.

So instead I’ll link to a song that mentions MTV: Money for Nothing , enjoy

play the guitar on the MTV

Since MTV is (used to be) a music channel you may like to view the classic-rock category

From the site: “ – Where sanity ends and the fun begins!”

From the page:

“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.”

A Collection of Flash Animations by Anthony Scodary.

Update 2022 : dropped off the web in 2005,Anthony Scodary made the ‘How to kill a mockingbird’ animation too

How to Kill a Mockingbird

How to Kill a Mockingbird

Update 2022: couldn’t track this one down which was a shame. The page has been moved and imageshack being a bunch of ****s didn’t help. However,

I searched

and Youtube to see if it had been saved there – but no joy

But I did find it

Where you CAN watch the animation

This is one you just HAVE to see, I laughed until I stopped and then some more.

“Be patient: you’ll be proud of yourself.”

Control Our Junk

“Control our Junk” like this web truck for example…

From the site:
“Can’t afford really cool toys and gadgets?

We strive to create unique and new things that the user can control at home from a standard desktop PC… control trains, drive RC cars, fire off fireworks, turn on and off lights, and control many more toys right from your computer!

We are 3 brothers who live in Michigan, USA. We build these wonderful things in our basement, which is a giant place that nothing is occupying currently.”

Great idea, but the web site has a few errors.

Update 2022: the site seems to have died sometime in 2008, it was part of a wider network web which in turn died in September 2013 it also points to a Twitter Page where there is some activity.