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Riparian ownership: Responsibilities of a riparian owner

“A riparian owner is the person, or people, with watercourses on, next to or under their property.”

What are my responsibilities as a riparian owner?

  • To pass on water flow without obstruction, pollution or diversion that would affect the rights of others.
  • To maintain the banks and bed of the watercourse (including any trees and shrubs growing on the banks) and any flood defences that exist on it.
  • To maintain any approved structures on their stretch of the watercourse and keep them free of debris. These may include trash screens, culverts, weirs and mill gates.
  • Riparian Owners must not build new structures (for example a culvert, bridge or board walk) that encroach upon the watercourse, or alter the flow of water or prevent the free passage of fish

How do I maintain the watercourse?

a) Keep growth of vegetation (trees, weeds, reeds, grass etc) under control 

b) Keep watercourses free of debris (e.g. litter, grass cuttings, and fallen trees and branches) 

c) Remove excess silt 

Here are some good URLs:  20on%20Wildlife%20Friendly%20Weed%20Clearance%20  and%20Veg%20Management%20in%20Watercourses.pdf

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Winter is Coming…

In which Game of Thrones house do you belong?

Your Result: You belong in HOUSE STARK – Winter is Coming

resultHouse Stark is the most influential and notable power in the North. From their stronghold at Winterfell, the Starks guard the old ways against the dishonourable and fractious houses of the Seven Kingdoms. Their devotion to honour and the old gods wins them few friends in the court of King’s Landing and beyond, but this very same dedication to tradition commands respect from the lords of the North. Those Northmen who bend the knee to Eddard Stark have been hard won with respect, devotion, and justice. His sons show signs that they too will be well-respected and beloved leaders in the North upon ascending to the lordship of this enduring and storied house.

In which Game of Thrones house do you belong?

Uncle Sam’s on Mars

Shoals of dead fish float on the lakes,
but Uncle Sam’s on Mars
And science is making the same mistakes,
but Uncle Sam’s on Mars
No one down here knows how to work the brakes,
but Uncle Sam’s on Mars

Uncle Sam’s on
Mars, he’s on Mars

He’s digging for dreams in the red sand
He’s got his bucket and spade in his left hand
He’s digging for dreams
He’s looking for life

Polish lawmakers don Guy Fawkes masks to protest ACTA

Dear Sir,*
I for one am disgusted .
How dare these elected officials stand-up for democracy and due process. It is repugnant and perverse in the extreme.
The unelected cabals met, the money was paid, the deal was done. It is high time that these SERVANTS learned their place and do as they are told.
Free speech?  Europe’s economy is in the toilet and this shower stand-up for free speech? Where is the profit in that? No profit, no taxes. Work it out, retards!
It makes my skin crawl to think of these be-suited thieves standing up for the people’s right to make duplicates of what they have bought. If people don’t buy the same thing four times, where is the profit?
ACTA is a just and righteous law that will enshrine and protect the profits of hard-working and innovative executives. Without whose companies you will have nothing. Learn on which side your bread is buttered.
Copying is theft. Moving that file onto your HDD is theft. Nothing less. You should be in jail. Each copy of a file costs a starving artist their next meal, you heartless bastard. I hope you can sleep at night with the suffering you cause.
ACTA for profit!
ACTA for jobs!
ACTA for life!


Tunbridge Wells

* This message brought to you by  Illuminati Industries Inc.

1605 vs 2011

Gunpowder Plot 1605

“A brief account of that bloudy & subtle Design laid against the King, his Lords and Commons in Parliament, and of a Happy Deliverance by Divine Power.”

Real IRA Plot 2011

The planting of bombs and buying guns is an example of plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, although the sentences for those arrested are now much less severe:

The plotters were hung, drawn and quartered and their heads displayed in Westminster

A Google news search for ‘terrorist plot’ gathered 2,110 results. In  2011 the alledged  perpetrators of terrorism are:

an ex-Soviet officer in Columbia, the ‘Real’ IRA, various Islamist conspiracies, two Swedes found to be innocent, Iran & the USA making accusations and counter-accusations … and the list goes on.


Westboro Baptist Church taunts Anonymous • The Register

attention-whoring idiots

Westboro Baptist Church taunts Anonymous over supposed attack plan • The Register

“This was clealry a setup up, some troll, trolling trolls to troll trolls.”

From the article:

In an emergency press release, Anonymous warned that the supposed call to arms was a trap set up by “attention-whoring idiots”. It said that as much as some members loathe WBC, Anonymous remains committed to freedom of speech. Rather than launching a denial of service attacks, Anons might want to send WBC a few male prostitutes or pictures of Goatse, the release (written by 20 members of Anonymous) concludes.

Slyck News – BT Deletes Records of 20,000 Suspected File-sharers, Ministry of Sound Pissed

‘The Ministry of Schadenfreude’

‘Things don’t seem to be going well for the Ministry of Sound – the largest independent label in the United Kingdom.

First, they decided to sue alleged file-sharers, which have placed them on the wrong side of the public relations battle.

Second, their quest to obtain the identities of about 100+ suspected file-sharers was squashed last month as a UK court delayed proceeding until at least January 2011 (thanks to the massive ACS:Law data breach).

Now the MOS has found out that BT Broadband has deleted 20,000 out of 25,000 records of suspected file-sharers; records that the MOS wanted preserved.’

So children – don’t buy music from the Ministry of Sound because they don’t like Pirates.

Missing Person


Captain Cloggy and I are puzzled as to the whereabouts of Master-Li.

We’ve looked for him at his lab in Wassat Moor, the Leg ‘o Mutton and the Institute of Vapour Mechanics said he was on ‘sabbatical’.

Therefore Cloggy has sent me on a mission – to track down Li.

Luckily, he has left us a series of clues…..