Chinese Space Program

Chinese space program imagined in the late 1950s

Whilst NASA may be grounding it’s ageing fleet of shuttles China gets ready….

Updated 2022:

Some useful China space inf/news links:

China’s official space portal:

Universe today flickr pool 3,000+ members, 76,000+ photos

Universe Today Group Pool on Flickr

Update: Originally this was a hotlink to a particularly impressive photo which is no longer available.

I’ve replaced it with something far better. A link to the Universe Today Flickr Group. Some truly amazing photos taken by gifted amateurs.

One of the great things about astronomy is the way that ordinary people make significant contributions.

Quick link:

A Dozen New Planets Discovered: Universe today

Exo-planets – in 2005 they were still quite rare

Summary – (Feb 18, 2005)

In the last month planet hunters have uncovered 12 new worlds orbiting other stars, bringing the total planet count to 145. Two European planet hunting teams have discovered 6 gas giants as part of the High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Search (HARPS), and an American team uncovered 5 more using the W.M. Keck observatory in Hawaii. And a single, Pluto-sized planet was discovered orbiting a pulsar by Penn State’s Alex Wolszczan and Caltech’s Maciej Konacki.