New Header Picture: Pingdingshan

Nei Mengu
The extinct volcanoes of Pingdingshan, Xilin Gol, Nei Mengu

平顶山, 锡林郭勒盟,内蒙古

Pingdingshan in Xilingol League in Inner Mongolia has a very distinctive landscape. There are many extinct volcanoes from a time when this was the sea floor. This photo was taken in early October and the lush green grasslands had already faded to their winter brown. Even so you can see a flock of sheep in the foreground.

The interactive map is a new feature which I’ll maybe use again now that I know how to do it.

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平原县, 德州市, 山东省


A memorial pagoda in Pingyuan County, Dezhou, Shandong Province
A bit different from but similar to Banbury Cross

人, 丛, 众

Widely seen Chinese Covid poster:

人 rén – person

丛 cóng – a collection or group

众 – zhòng – a multitude or crowd

Chinese covid poster 2020/21 Beijing

There is a tradition of health posters as we can see:

“To do a good job in epidemic prevention and hygiene work is concrete patriotic behaviour in the battle to smash American imperialist germ warfare!”

Crataegus pinnatifida

Commonly known as Snow Hawthorn  these red fruits which grow up to about 35 mm in diameter are now in season.

The ones in this picture, taken yesterday, are from Xiong Xian County in Hebei Province, near the city of Baotou.

Chinese Hawthorn, click for larger image
山楂 (mountain hawthorn) or 大红果 (big, red fruit)

They are used to make a number of deserts and snacks. In Northern China they are often sold dipped in a sugar candy coating on a wooden skewer  much like toffee apples are  in Europe and are called 糖葫芦 (tanghulu).

They have been associated with various medicinal properties especially as a digestive aid.


One of the new generation of Mobikes – best so far.


    • Adjustable saddle height with easy to use handle and height indicator
    • GPS powdered by solar panels in the basket
    • Lightweight
    • Solid types (no punctures)
    • Ergonomic grips on the handle bars
    • Bell integrated into the handlebar
    • QR code