Timperley early

Make a raised bed

take an old door…
disassemble it
cut to size
Assemble the frame
Place the frame

Prepare the soil

Double dig the soil and remove stones, roots and weeds
Get two wheelbarrow loads of sand and grit for drainage
Rhubarb likes well drained soil so mix in the sand thoroughly
Add 150 litres of multi-purpose compost
Plant the rhubarb crowns so the tips are just above the soil
Mulch with wood chips and bark

Rhubarb prefers a sunny site and should not be harvested in the first year. Three crowns should be enough to feed a family. Once mature the crowns can be split to provide new healthy plants.

Update: April 2nd 2020

‘Timperley Early’ is one of the earliest varieties to mature, producing pink-red stems streaked with green. It’s ideal for forcing to provide tender pink stems as early as February. If left to grow naturally, ‘Temperley Early’ is ready to harvest from March.

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